"Ill-advised; Ill-equipt; I was against it from the start."


- A painting by Mark Koopman
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A Tribute to Hugh Swift [1943-1991]
"Ill Advised, Ill-Equipt, I Was Against It From The Start"
Funky Trekking Motto

The late Hugh Swift wrote two of the premier Himalayan trekking guidebooks and was universally regarded as one of the great Himalayan travelers of our time. Before his untimely death in 1991, he covered an estimated 15,000 miles on foot, often alone and with a minimum of equipment or supplies, having walked the length of the world's highest mountain range from Bhutan to Nanga Parbat, circling Annapurna fourteen times and Mt. Kailash three times.
Hugh Swift's incandescent life was emblematic of a whole generation of American travelers who grew up on rock'n'roll, came of age during the Vietnam War, and were called to Asia by a spirit of adventure and a powerful curiosity about Eastern culture. 
"The Traveler" An American Odyssey in the Himalayas Text by Eric Hansen, Photographs by Hugh Swift 160 pages, 56 color photographs ISBN: 0871563509 Price: $18 paper ]